Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting produces the finest sand and gravel products in the area.  Other producers might claim that their products meet stringent NYSDOT and PENNDOT requirements, but our products actually do.  The best construction aggregates are clean and crushed, and Dalrymple Gravel’s products meet the toughest requirements in the industry.

We offer the following products, and other gradations are available upon request:

Coarse Aggregates

  • NY #4’s
  • NY #3’s
  • NY #2’s
  • NY #1’s
  • NY #1A’s
  • AASHTO #57’s
  • AASHTO #8’s

Fine Aggregates

  • De-Icing Sand
  • Concrete Sand
  • Manufactured Sand


  • PA #2A
  • NY Item 304.14
Aggregates at Chemung Gravel Plant
Aggregates at Coopers Plains Plant

Sample of our NY #1A’s