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Watkins Glen International Repaving


International Speedway Corporation (ISC)

Completion Date

Fall 2015

Dalrymple Gravel & Contracting was selected to provide the hot mix asphalt for the repaving of the Watkins Glen racetrack in 2015.  Due to the extreme nature of the racing surface, a highly specialized set of mix designs were created for the base, leveling, and wearing courses.  These designs utilized high performance grades of liquid asphalt to withstand the extreme racetrack conditions and high friction aggregate to provide grip for the race car tires.  The laydown was done by Ajax Paving Industries, with Dalrymple Gravel providing the mix and hauling it to the jobsite.  Our talented group of quality control personnel and plant operators were able to provide over 30,000 tons of mix that met every specification and passed rigorous testing requirements every day throughout the duration of the project.