/Elmira Arterial – Chemung County, NY
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Elmira Arterial – Chemung County, NY



Completion Date


Constructing the Elmira Arterial was done in multiple contracts with the state.  Dalrymple Gravel completed the sections from Miller Street to Cedar Street and Cedar Street to the Rt. 328/14 intersection.

The first contract included excavation of the site, embankment placement, trenches and culverts, the placing of mechanically stabilized earth and constructing a structural steel bridge.   Concrete noise barriers were erected all along the new road as well as a median concrete barrier.  Lighting and landscaping were also placed after asphalt pavement was laid.

The second contract required the rerouting and bank stabilization of Seeley Creek, pipe work, gutters and box culverts before the road could be built.  Asphalt paving was laid and a concrete noise barrier and a median concrete barrier were erected.